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Given the statute of the Georgian Young Lawyers'

Please be informed that the GYLA Board of Ministers made a decision at the March 30, 2018, reimbursement of membership fees before January 1, 2017 to those members who have no membership fees. According to the same decision, the deadline for the current debt from January 1,

According to Article 41 (1) (b) of the Georgian Young Lawyers' Association, one of the grounds for termination of the membership of the association is the non-payment of the membership fee for one year in a row without a prior notice.

Given the statute of the Georgian Young Lawyers' Association and based on the decision of the Gamgeoba, we appeal to you to pay the membership fees for the 2017 bank account no later than September 21,

- Bank of Receiver: JSC "TBC Bank"

- Recipient's report: GE25TB7324636080100001

- Name of the Recipient: Georgian Young Lawyers' Association

- Purpose - "membership"

Your membership will be confirmed by paying you a wish to remain a member of the Georgian Young Lawyers' Association.

Regrettably, in case of non-payment of the membership fee, membership can be registered in accordance with the Association's Statute.

For additional information you can contact us at: info@gyla.ge and inga@gyla.ge or phone numbers: 232 295 80 33; 577 07 05 25.

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